3d Printing, the Enemy of the Machining Industry

26305284-3d-printer-build-Eiffel-Tower-Model-on-a-white-background-Stock-PhotoAre you a machinist? Do you have a car? Have you ever used a plastics product? I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you answered yes to at least one of those queries, and if not, I think it’s time to move out from under that rock you’ve been calling home.  For those of you that answered yes, ( I hope that’s all of you) then you’ve seen or used myriads of different products brought to you by the Machining industry(more specifically the mold injection sector). This has been a thriving industry for years, and it’s currently at the beginning of a sharp downfall, due to the emergence and popularization of 3d printing. Although an entire industry’s decline is usually the result of many factors, 3d printings swift and firm grip on the plastics market is due mainly to two specific factors; the absolute miniscule cost compared to the machining and plastic injection route, and, the speed of the process that literally dwarfs the alternative.

***under construction***


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